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I am a recent graduate of Smith College (Northampton, MA), where I earned a B.A. in Studio Art with a minor in Ancient Studies. Aside from my undergraduate work, I have studied in programs at the DuCret School of Art (Plainfield, NJ) and the Cooper Union for the Arts and Sciences (New York, NY). ​

In my practice, I examine the way smaller parts meet to make a larger whole, as well as the possibilities of making art in multiples. I have a great love for repetition, ephemerality, and the intersections between different disciplines, all of which I explore through a variety of media. A combination of printmaking, drawing, fiber, music, text, and performance fosters deep, and often surprising, connections. Calling upon a postmodern feminist art historical lineage, as well as a fascination with the conceptual, I am crossing the dividing lines between generation, medium, and intention in order to discover where my work stands in relation to the work of others.


Most recently, I have been focused on making monotype prints. This technique allows me to create multiples of the same image that are also distinct individuals, and can’t be recreated exactly. By the nature of the medium, I am working in conversation with the materials instead of maintaining total control. Often, evidence of the process emerges as the most important formal quality.

I have an unreasonable amount of ideas, a diligently-cultivated sense of patience, and a tendency to get swept away by new media. What I haven't learned yet, I will be learning next. Art begets art, everything comes from everything else, I am in preparation for a most rare hour.




    • Nolen Art Lounge at Smith College, Northampton MA.



  • Wanna Come Over?

    • A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery, Northampton MA.

  • be longing

    • Jannotta Gallery at Smith College, Northampton MA.



  • Flat File Program 2022

    • A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery, Northampton MA.

    • Online Jan-Dec, 2022.


  • Art to:

    • Jannotta Gallery at Smith College, Northampton MA.

  • 413 Ethnography x Masonic Street Laundry

    • Masonic Street Laundry, Northampton MA.



  • Featured Artist, Miniskirt Magazine Issue 18/19

    • Abstract in Purple I-X, a series of monotype prints selected and published online alongside an artist statement at


  • Student Project Award, the Design Thinking Initiative at Smith College

    • provided funding for "Brooms Piece," April 24 2022.



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